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Great congratulation is given to the glorious launch of website of Shandong Donghai Food Co., Ltd.
Great congratulation is given to the glorious launch of website of Shandong Donghai Food Co., Ltd. 
Why is frozen vegetable more nutritious than fresh vegetable?
Frozen vegetable is popular. Many people reckon that frozen vegetable is more nutritious than fresh vegetable. Is it true? Let’s go and figure it out.
Advantages of frozen vegetables
Many people have misunderstanding on quick-frozen vegetables by holding that fresh vegetables would have nutrients drained. Actually, quick-frozen vegetable is as nutrient as fresh vegetable, if not m
Food that can be frozen
Use of vacuum freezing-drying technology can make fresh meat, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits into freezing-drying food. It can make such medicinal materials as ginseng, dangsen, pilos antler 
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